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Cellulose aut Hpmc

Milestone Industrial Co.. quae propria productio ex aetheris oris Cellulose Hpmc enim XX annis, per professionales et technicae periti laboratorios demonstra et products providere posse performance firmum est. Hpmc productum sive in Cellulose est non-factum aut ex ionicis Cellulose polymer naturalem materiae. Quod est crasso, quanta compagis, dissipatione versantem, emulsification, film formation, suspensionis incurrit: adsorption, Oblatione, operatio superficies, humorem retentio et splendor Colloids proprietatibus.

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Cellulose aut Hpmc

Milestone Industrial Co. ltd. has specialized in the production of Cellulose aut Hpmc for 20 years, with professional laboratories and technicians, and can provide products with stable performance. The Cellulose aut Hpmc produced is a non-ionic cellulose ether made of natural polymer materials. It has thickening, bonding, dispersion, emulsification, film formation, suspension, adsorption, gelation, surface activity, moisture retention and Protect the properties of colloids.

Operis nomen:

Hydroxy propyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC)

alia nomina



album pulveris

CAS n.






Quod puritas:



Cellulose aut Hpmc can be widely used in building materials, coating industry, synthetic resin, ceramic industry, medicine, food, textile, agriculture, cosmetics and other industries.

Superficiem tensio


contentus cinis

â € ¤5%

Carbonization caliditas

C 225-230Ì

aqua contentus

â € ¤5%

Thermochromic caliditas

C 190-200Ì

PH valorem


temperatus res corrupta

C 200Ì

lux transmittance


Gelu temperatus (a)

C 50-68Ì



Hydroxypropyl content of



100-200000 possit custmized

Yl content of




Application of Cellulose aut Hpmc:

1. Cellulose aut Hpmc in construction mortar and plastering mortar, high water retention can fully hydrate the cement, significantly increase the bonding strength, and at the same time can appropriately increase the tensile strength and shear strength, greatly improve the construction effect and improve work efficiency .

2. Cellulose aut Hpmc in the water-resistant putty mainly acts as a water retaining agent, adhesive and lubricant to avoid cracks and dehydration due to excessive water loss, and at the same time increase the adhesion of the putty and reduce the sag phenomenon during construction. And the construction is relatively smooth.

3. Cellulose aut Hpmc mainly plays the role of water retention, thickening and lubrication in plaster gypsum, and also has a certain retarding effect. It solves the problem that the cracking and initial strength of the cylinder cannot be reached during the construction process, and the working time is prolonged.

4. Cellulose aut Hpmc is mainly used as a thickener in the interface agent, which can increase the tensile strength and shear strength, improve the surface coating, and enhance the adhesion and bonding strength.

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