Ad constructione industria HPMC
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Ad constructione industria HPMC

HPMC pro cæmento: et constructione industria est momenti pars in cæmento ludit magna partes products. Et ad munera gluten materiae, secundum includit aqua retentione, crasso, entrainment caeli et retardatio. HPMC ad constructione industria produci habet firmum EST perficientur. Magni momenti est, ut ELOGIUM in cæmento, reddit firmum perficientur.

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Ad constructione industria HPMC

Ad constructione industria HPMC is an important part of mortar and plays an important role in mortar products. Its functions on cement-based materials include water retention, thickening, air entrainment and retardation. Ad constructione industria HPMC produced by MST has stable performance. As an important additive in mortar, it reflects stable performance.

Operis nomen:

Hydroxy propyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC)

alia nomina



album pulveris

CAS n.






Quod puritas:


Superficiem tensio


contentus cinis

â € ¤5%

Carbonization caliditas

C 225-230Ì

aqua contentus

â € ¤5%

Thermochromic caliditas

C 190-200Ì

PH valorem


temperatus res corrupta

C 200Ì

lux transmittance


Gelu temperatus (a)

C 50-68Ì



Hydroxypropyl content of



100-200000 possit custmized

Yl content of




The performance of Ad constructione industria HPMC in mortar:

a. The embodiment of Ad constructione industria HPMC's flexibility in mortar: In modern buildings, thin-layer materials are used as the base, such as cement fiberboard and gypsum board. However, rigid cement-based materials cannot deform with the deformation of these materials, thus causing the bonding surface to detach. Therefore, only after adding HPMC for construction industry, the adhesive will have sufficient stress absorption capacity.

b. The embodiment of Ad constructione industria HPMC's cohesive force in mortar: Cement can only be bonded on a porous substrate, but this type of substrate is rare in modern buildings. HPMC for construction industry can firmly bond with non-porous substrates, so mortar can still be used on non-traditional materials.

c. The manifestation of Ad constructione industria HPMC's increased opening time of mortar: thin-layer mortar is very easy to lose water and dry due to evaporation or absorption of the base material, resulting in insufficient water for cement to harden. The addition of HPMC for construction industry increases the open time of dry-mixed mortar and also increases its adhesion to various substrates.

d. The waterproofness of Ad constructione industria HPMC mortar: thin layer materials are usually used in decorative construction, such as surface coating. Therefore, there are certain waterproof requirements, which cannot be met by pure cement systems. After joining the HPMC for construction industry, it will have certain waterproofness;

e. The impact resistance of Ad constructione industria HPMC is reflected in the mortar: all rigid systems are prone to impact damage. Adding Ad constructione industria HPMC can greatly reduce such problems.

MST has 20 years of experience in the production of HPMC for construction industry, and can produce products with different viscosities according to customer needs.Ad constructione industria HPMC.

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