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HPMC pulveris

Inde est ignitum probatum HPMC pulveris post alkalization bombacio. Et sic utitur methyl bromide propylene chloride quod etherification ad producendum agentibus non-mixta aut ex ionicis Cellulose, post a series de motus. Milestone Industrial Co. Ltd est XX annis de experientia in productio HPMC pulveris, cum et officinas professional laboratorios demonstra et testamenti sponsor agentibus post-Sales ministerium. Potest customize HPMC pulveris cum viscosities secundum diversas necessitates elit.

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HPMC pulveris

HPMC pulveris is refined from cotton after alkalization. It uses propylene oxide and methyl chloride as etherification agents to produce non-ionic cellulose mixed ether after a series of reactions. Milestone Industrial Co. Ltd. has 20 years of experience in the production of HPMC powder, with professional laboratories and workshops, and efficient after-sales service guarantee. It can customize HPMC pulveris with different viscosities according to customer needs.

Operis nomen:

Hydroxy propyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC)

alia nomina



album pulveris

CAS n.






Quod puritas:



Superficiem tensio


contentus cinis

â € ¤5%

Carbonization caliditas

C 225-230Ì

aqua contentus

â € ¤5%

Thermochromic caliditas

C 190-200Ì

PH valorem


temperatus res corrupta

C 200Ì

lux transmittance


Gelu temperatus (a)

C 50-68Ì



Hydroxypropyl content of



100-200000 possit custmized

Yl content of




HPMC pulveris product features:

1. HPMC pulveris is easily soluble in cold water, hot water will dissolve. Its gelation temperature in hot water is significantly higher than that of methyl cellulose. The dissolution in cold water is also much better than methyl cellulose.

2. The viscosity of HPMC pulveris is related to the molecular weight. When the molecular weight is large, the viscosity is high. Temperature will also affect its viscosity, as the temperature increases, the viscosity decreases. But the high viscosity of HPMC pulveris is lower than that of methyl cellulose.

3. The water retention capacity of HPMC pulveris depends on its added amount, viscosity, etc.; the water retention rate is higher than that of methyl cellulose.

4. HPMC pulveris is stable to acid and alkali, and its aqueous solution is stable in the range of pH = 2-12. Caustic soda and lime water have little effect on its performance, but alkali can accelerate its dissolution and slightly increase its viscosity. HPMC pulveris is stable to ordinary salt, but when the concentration of the salt solution is high, the viscosity of the HPMC pulveris solution tends to increase.

5. HPMC pulveris can be mixed with water-soluble polymer to form a uniform and high viscosity solution. Such as polyvinyl alcohol, lake water powder ether, vegetable glue, etc.

6. HPMC pulveris has better enzyme resistance than methyl cellulose, and the possibility of enzymatic degradation of its solution is lower than that of methyl cellulose.

7. The adhesion between HPMC pulveris and mortar structure is higher than that of methyl cellulose.


HPMC pulveris produced by MST is used in the fields of water-resistant putty powder, putty paste, tempered putty, paint glue and thermal insulation mortar.

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