Cæmento gradu HPMC
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Cæmento gradu HPMC

Cæmento HPMC gradu potest esse commixtio, in aethere accipimus pro cæmento: et Cellulose potest in fere omnis cæmento products, maxime propter suam aqua retentio. Sic tota aqua est ad ejus viscositas HPMC retention Mortariis gradus, particula magnitudine et gradu substitutio.

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Cæmento gradu HPMC

Cæmento gradu HPMC plays a very important role in mortar.

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Hydroxy propyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC)

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Quod puritas:


Cæmento gradu HPMC has many functions in mortar. The main function of Cæmento gradu HPMC in cement mortar is water retention and thickening.

In addition, due to the interaction between Cæmento gradu HPMC and cement system, it will also play an auxiliary role in entraining air, retarding setting, and improving tensile bonding strength.

In Cæmento gradu HPMC, the introduction of methoxy groups reduces the surface energy of the aqueous solution containing Cæmento gradu HPMC, so that Cæmento gradu HPMC has an air-entraining effect on cement mortar. Introduce appropriate air bubbles into the mortar. Due to the "ball effect" of air bubbles,

Hoc can amplio perficientur et constructione cæmento: et in eodem tempore, introductio ad bullas output rate augetur subigens tene laterem. Scilicet quantum indiget aer imperio minuo nimiumque minuo negativa labefactum viribus aeris summam vetustatem.

Cæmento gradu HPMC will delay the setting process of cement, thereby slowing down the setting and hardening process of cement, and prolonging the opening time of mortar. However, this effect is disadvantageous to mortar in colder areas.

Cæmento gradu HPMC is a long-chain polymer material. After being added to the cement system, it can improve the bonding performance with the substrate under the premise of fully maintaining the moisture of the slurry.

In summary, the performance of Cæmento gradu HPMC in mortar mainly includes: water retention, thickening, prolonging setting time, air-entraining and improving tensile bonding strength.